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With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Tim is no stranger to the social media world. Tim's humble beginnings of taking photos with an iPhone led to a great appreciation for hard work, learning new skills, and the ability to challenge oneself. Though initially noticed for his mobile photography, Tim discovered a genuine love for all mediums of photography and connecting with others through Instagram. As his photography career further developed and his Instagram following and exposure grew; he quickly realized there was a great deal of opportunity for his abilities and passions to be used. Since his first post on Instagram in October of 2010, Tim's photography on social media went viral. The exposure he received provided him with opportunities to work alongside brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Nike, and Apple. It has been an incredible journey that changed his career path and ultimately changed his life.

As Tim's Instagram popularity grew, he drew the attention of online publications, advertising agencies, and more. The exposure has provided him with opportunities to travel world wide to places such as Hawaii, Germany, Costa Rica, Israel, Canada, and Turkey for various projects representing brands, tourism agencies, and organizations. 

Tim truly enjoys working and partnering alongside organizations and brands. He understands how these partnerships give him a unique opportunity to capture creative, yet specific material for various projects. Tim knows the value he can offer brands regarding the use of his photography and social media influence to further their marketing reach. The work Tim does for brands allows him as a photographer and influencer to capture what each brand is desiring to share with a much broader category of people. Marketing in this way reaches an audience that some mediums simply cannot. His goal is to partner with brands and organizations to create incredible content of exceptional quality for their social channels, websites, printed materials, etc. and to help each client gain positive exposure that reflects the nature and aesthetic of their brand. 

Tim has a deep love for adventure, people, exploring new places, and his being with his family. He is passionate about capturing people and places through imagery and being able to tell stories along the way. His ability to visually tell amazing stories of beautiful places in nature is something that many are drawn to. 

Tim lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife and their three children; where they spend most of their days exploring new places, making many adventurous memories, and simply living life together. He is available for work and projects worldwide.