Feel The Vibe Jamaica with Visit Jamaica

Round 3 of Jamaica! Have you ever found yourself continually returning to places you've been? Yes?! Me, too!

Warm sunshine, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful mountains, beef patties, Blue Mountain Coffee, and good vibes are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of Jamaica. 

We stayed at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa in Montego Bay and had an amazing time. We had an itinerary filled with some fun experiences as well as some rest and relaxation.

Day 1: Blue Mountain Bike Tours

Bike riding in the Blue Mountains? Yes, please!

Good food? Yes, please! Our lunch was delicious and gone before I took any photos of it. Just know it was delicious jerk chicken with veggies and savory seasoned rice!

Good coffee? Yes, please! And learning a bit more about the process was pretty awesome, too.

Beautiful views? Yes, please!

We ended our bike tour at a little waterfall nestled into the Blue Mountains. Refreshing is an understatement at the end of a warm bike ride down the mountains. :-)


Day 2:

The Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa took the liberty to schedule an itinerary for a relaxing day at our resort. From breakfast to a private cabana to massages to a romantic candelight dinner; we definitely felt pampered and enjoyed their TLC. It just so happened to be my wife Staci & I's, 17th wedding anniversary which made this day of good vibes and relaxation the perfect way to celebrate.

We also had some free time to explore in and around the property & found some really cool spots & scenery!

And we can't forget the amazing Jamaican sunset we experienced!

Day 3: 

Even though this was my 3rd time in Jamaica, I had never made it to Negril during my earlier visits! I was excited to see a day in Negril on our itinerary.

We spent the whole day in Negril. We settled at 7 Mile beach at Woodstock where we enjoyed some fun in the sun, a delicious lunch of Conch Fritters & Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwiches, and a hopping' beach party with lots of laughs.

We then made our way over to the famous Rick's Cafe for some photos and to catch sunset. Some rain rolled in right around sunset, so we didn't get to capture the best evening sky for it; but definitely got some good pics and got to experience the crazy fun vibes with the cliff jumping.

This guy's name is Tiger. He does some phenomenal stunts and jumps at Rick' Cafe. And he surely gets the crowd going! Would you jump?!

Some rain rolled in which means the flag must come down.

Day 4: 

Rose Hall Great House! Okay, I don't get freaked out too easily, but this tour isn't for the faint of heart. Let's just say Annie Palmer wasn't a very nice woman & even Johnny Cash wrote a song about her & the Rose Hall Great House. You can check out the full story here.

A big thanks to Jamaica Tourist Board for hosting us in your beautiful country. Definitely put Jamaica on your list of places you must visit! The beaches alone will impress you! But Jamaica also has a wonderful culture, vibe, and an array of experiences and activities that will not disappoint!



Happy Father's Day with Visit Orlando

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share a personal collaboration I did with Visit Orlando!

As a way to celebrate fatherhood, they asked me to help plan a vacation to Orlando with my family. Of course I was thrilled and began making a list of places both known and lesser known that I was sure my kids would love to see! 

I’m sharing this experience to give other dad’s some inspiration for taking the reins and planning a trip for your fam! It was really fun and something different than we’ve done in the past as my wife, Staci, will often be the planner and researcher for our family adventures. I think I did a pretty good job. These smiles tell it all—am I right?!

We had never been to Disney as a family, so we had to put Disney on the agenda. We got a Park Hopper Pass and visited Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios! 

We had a lot of fun and squeezed in quite a bit at Disney in order to give each of our kids a little something special they had hoped to see and experience. Two words I recommend to you in order to make your time at Disney much, much easier: FAST PASS. We used the mobile app (BRILLIANT!) in conjunction with our Fast Pass and we wouldn't go to Disney without it!

We ate lots of good food and took a few breaks for water and the essentials. This photo says it all.      



Next stop on Day 2?

An afternoon of fun at Madame Tussaud’s, The Orlando Eye, and Sea Life Adventure Aquarium! They are all located in the same vicinity, which made it a perfect collection of experiences to take in.

We were ready for dinner, so we had reservations at Tapa Toro and got our Spanish flare of delicious food on and enjoyed the entertainment and atmosphere.

Visit Orlando-11.jpg

Day 3!!

We hit up Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure next!! Staci and I, had been there shortly after we were married and we loved it. I just knew our kids would love it, too. And did they ever! It was one of their favorite parts of our trip. 

Hungry?! Yes.

I’m just saying—if you go to Universal or even go to the City Walk—you MUST eat at Toothsome. But make sure you go hungry because you’ll want dinner AND dessert. I promise you!


DAY 4!!

Discovery Cove. Seriously!! We were ready for this on Day 4! Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive day resort and we couldn’t have been happier about making this choice. We had an incredible day relaxing and being taken care of. From our check in to our meals to the activities we participated in—we LOVED Discovery Cove and can’t wait to go back again someday! It is such a family friendly place, not over-crowded, and makes for the feel of a little rest and relaxation in the midst of a busy Orlando vacation!

They surprised our American Girl Doll loving girls with some adorable suits and accessories for their dolls. It was so incredibly kind! Here's a few photos our daughters took of their dolls & the goodies from Discovery Cove.

Going the extra mile matters!! Discovery Cove does for sure!

It was also our son Madden’s birthday in June—so they surprised him with a special little gift from Yoko the dolphin after our swim session with her. SO fun! He was ecstatic! And yes, we got to meet and get up close to this precious dolphin, Yoko. We all fell in love with her; even this big ol' dad. :-)


Day 5!! 

Last but not least, we finished off our trip with a fun and adventurous day at iFly, Wonderworks, and Wild Florida.

Have you ever wanted to try sky diving without having to jump from an actual plane? Check out iFly. It’s an incredibly fun and crazy experience. I was so proud of my kiddos for trying something a bit more challenging. They handled it like total champs! And the staff in Orlando? Super awesome. They made us all feel right at home and encouraged our kids (and us adults!) when we were feeling a little unsure.

Wonderworks? We were all geeking out. Such an awesome place full of a multitude of activities and experiences for all ages. I wish we would have had a little more time there, but we had to move on to our next adventure!


Last stop, but certainly not the least!

The wind blowing through our hair, baby crocodiles, full grown crocodiles, swamps, and wildlife? Yes, please! Wild Florida was a blast!! Even in the Florida heat, we found a way to cool off with an airboat ride and even saw some croc hatchlings! The kids loved it. Me, too!

We grabbed a quick lunch at the restaurant on the property and took a walk around in the safari area where we saw some pretty impressive crocs! Including this albino croc!!

Visit Orlando-10.jpg

Where did we stay?!

While in Orlando, we stayed at the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa. We really enjoyed our time there and the kids had fun swimming in the pool and relaxing in the warm Florida air. We even got treated to an absolutely beautiful rainbow across the sky after a few rain showers.

Husband tip:

I also managed to schedule in a surprise massage for my wife and I, at our resort—which she thanked me for tenfold. ❤️ 

A big thanks to Visit Orlando for partnering with me to put this vacation together and for all of their hard work behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly! The Landis Family had a great time! 

And all you dads out there? Father's Day is coming up soon—maybe Orlando could be in your family’s future?! I’d love to see what you come up with and definitely let me know if you need any other tips or suggestions!


Stay Curious.

Traveling around the world has given me an incredible amount of understanding about other cultures as well as my own culture and life. 

Things such as:

The ways in which people live life.

Photo Mar 25, 11 53 19 AM.jpg

The activities people enjoy.

Photo Jan 13, 7 33 39 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 26, 3 11 13 PM.jpg

The diversity of food.

Heartbeet Organics Farm00005.jpg
Photo Mar 25, 11 51 06 AM.jpg

The culture of the family unit.

TIMLANDISBLOG (29 of 61).jpg

The simplicities of each place as well as the complexities.

TIMLANDISBLOG (22 of 61).jpg

It's been a long time coming that I would not only share my photographs of the places I've been and the people I've met, but that I could put into words the things I have experienced in my travels.

In everything I have learned and in everything I have seen; there is one take away that I always share with others.


You don't have to travel the world to adventure and explore.


TIMLANDISBLOG (60 of 61).jpg
Photo May 24, 10 16 44 AM.jpg
File Dec 12, 10 57 39 AM.jpeg
Photo Oct 08, 4 42 51 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 09, 5 17 08 PM.jpg

You can explore anywhere you are and make the most of the city you live in and the places you venture to. Whether those places are right down the street or on another continent.


You are where you are for a reason.


Make the most of the opportunities in the environment you are in.


Photo Jan 18, 7 11 38 PM.jpg



Appreciate your city.

TIMLANDISBLOG (39 of 61).jpg

Meet new people.

Photo Mar 25, 11 51 18 AM.jpg
TIMLANDISBLOG (3 of 61).jpg

Spend time with those you love.

File Dec 12, 10 56 13 AM.jpeg
File Dec 12, 10 56 30 AM.jpeg

And most importantly:

Stay Curious.

TIMLANDISBLOG (20 of 61).jpg
TIMLANDISBLOG (59 of 61).jpg