Tim Landis

With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, Tim is no stranger to the social media world. Tim's humble beginnings of taking photos with an iPhone, led to a career in photography with a great appreciation for hard work, learning new skills, and the ability and opportunity to create exceptional content for brands, websites, agencies, marketing projects, and travel/tourism.

Since his first post on Instagram in October of 2010, Tim's photography has provided him with opportunities to work alongside brands and agencies such as Mercedes-Benz, Google, and Apple. 

Tim is also a sought after travel/landscape photographer; providing imagery for international tourism as well as experiences and tourism stateside in the U.S. His opportunities to travel world wide for various projects representing brands, tourism agencies, and organizations; have filled up his passport with stamps from places such as Africa, India, Turkey, Jordan, Germany, Costa Rica, Israel, Argentina, Great Britain, etc.

Tim is an incredible photographer with a side of creativity, kindness, reliability, and likability. He believes kindness matters because honestly; no one wants to work with the rude guy!

Tim lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife Staci, and their three children; Makenzie (16), Madden (13), and Amara (11). Their faith is strong and their family makes a pretty incredible team. Tim and/or his family is available for work and projects worldwide.