With over half a million followers on Instagram, Tim is no stranger to the social media world. Tim's humble beginnings of taking photos with an iPhone, led to a deep love for digital photography and a newfound career with a great appreciation for hard work, learning new skills, and the opportunity to create exceptional content for brands, websites, agencies, marketing projects, and travel/tourism.

Since his first post on Instagram in October of 2010, Tim's photography has provided him with opportunities to create content and work alongside brands and agencies such as Mercedes-Benz, Google, and Apple. 

Tim is a sought after travel/landscape photographer; providing imagery for international tourism as well as participating in experiences and tourism stateside in the U.S. His opportunities to travel world wide for various projects representing brands, tourism agencies, and organizations; have filled up his passport with stamps from places such as Africa, India, Turkey, Jordan, Germany, Costa Rica, Israel, Argentina, Great Britain, etc.

Tim is an incredible photographer with a side of creativity, kindness, reliability, and likability. He believes kindness matters because honestly; no one wants to work with the rude guy!

Tim lives just outside the Philadelphia area in Bucks County, PA, with his wife Staci, and their three children; Makenzie (16), Madden (13), and Amara (11). Their faith is strong and their family makes a pretty incredible team. Tim and/or his family is available for work and projects worldwide.

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